Can I download the photo or video?

You are not allowed to download any photo or video on SWAG. The photo and video are taken by Swagger which belongs to SWAG. You are only allowed to view it on the SWAG website.

In order to protect the creative works, the system keeps all the screenshots or recordings.

Once there is a share or publish action, it will be the legal proceeding to investigate as a lawsuit.

How do I report an Error?

Common issues

select the “Service” which is at the bottom right corner of the main page.

Livestream issues

if you bump into livestream or time-limited show problems

  1. Click the icon of an “three dots” > “Report livestream bug”

  2. Select the “Report” button

  3. Choose to launch it as email

  4. Describe your issue and send out the mail

  5. .Inform the Customer Service that you’ve finished the above procedure

🚨 If the specific issued livestream room was offline, please enter any public livestream room and proceed the above steps.

🚨 If you’ve paid any diamonds to the issued livestream room, please also provide the screen of your “Journal” record.(Click on the icon of an three dashes ≡ which is at the topper left on the main page, then select “Settings”, and “Journal”).

How to bind the other login methods to my SWAG account ?

Click on the icon of an three dashes ≡ which is at the topper left on the main page, then select “Settings”, and “Account Links”.

You could choose to bind with email, Twitter, Google, or phone number, etc.

  • Email: type in your email address to receive the verification code.

    (We suggest using Gmail instead of others since it’s more stable to receive the verification code mail.)

  • Twitter/Google: connect to your own Twitter/Google account.

  • Phone Number : type in your phone number to receive the verification code text.

⛔ Once the phone numberor email address have already finished connecting, they could not be deleted and changed.

⛔ You may be able to set/reset your password after your account has been bound with email.

How to download SWAG?


Due to the restrictions of the App Store, we only provide the web-version of SWAG currently.


First of all, we’d like to appreciate for your support to SWAG all the time.

Since we are operating a full technique updates and system maintenance, the SWAG app would have been stoped updating temporarily.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and definitely looking forward to provide you more exceptional service in the nearly future.

In the meanwhile, please use the following website with your mobile browser, thank you!


How to find my account that was registered with Facebook?

If your account hasn’t bound to any other SNS platforms or setting passwords, but only was registered with FB( the FB login procedure is under maintenance now). You could apply for a temporary password by the following steps:

  1. Your Identification ( such as identification card, driver license, health insurance card, or passport).

  2. The receipt that had been sent to your email when you finished the transaction on SWAG.

  3. The email account that you want to receive the temporary password.

We would inform our Account Security Department when we receive the above information. It usually takes 5 to 7 working days( holidays and weekends are excluded).

🚨 When you log in your account with temporary password, please use your email to bind your SWAG account ASAP to maintain your account safety.

How to purchase SWAG diamonds?
  • In Taiwan, we accept credit cards, wire transfers , online transfers and pay at convenience stores.

    🚨 In order to follow the Taiwanes decrees, online transfers and pay at convenience store ways are allowed to whom have been verified be of age 18 and above.

  • In Hong Kong / China, we accept credit cards, UnionPay, PayPal, AliPay and WeChat Pay.

  • In Malaysia
    1. DuitNow
    2. XenoPay: supporting credit/debit cards, FPX online banking, eWallet, and PayPal
    3. Credit Cards
    4. Gash points : Have to purchase Gash points cards first.
    5. Webcash
    6. Online transfer liaison: add the WeChat accounts: buy20off to apply.

  • For other areas, we accept Paypal and credit cards (debit cards are restricted).

How to register a SWAG account ?

You could create an account for free by setting “Username” and “Password” on the register page.

  • Username : Please set it with alphabets, numbers, ”.” and “_” in 20 lowercase letters.

  • Password : Please enter more that 6 letters and/or numbers

🚨Since the “capital letters” for any alphabets in SWAG IDs are restricted, please be aware of whether there are any uppercases of your typed username and replace them with lowercase letters.

How to review my purchase history?

You can easily check the point history in your account on SWAG.

We keep 7 days transaction history, click on the icon of an three dashes ≡ which is at the topper left on the main page, then select “Settings”, and “Journal”.

How to unlock and upload my photo or video?

We're looking for female adult only.

If you are interesting in being a Swagger, please contact us or email to this mailbox : talents@swag.live , thank you.

Contact us:https://www.join.swag.live/contactus?lang=en

Recruitment Dpt. office time:Mon-Fri 10:10 ~ 19:00 (GMT+8)

How to use SWAG diamonds?

SWAG diamonds are the currency you can use at SWAG
SWAG diamonds can be used to unlock Swaggers’ video.
And reply to their message, charge diamonds for each message.
Also for viewing the livestream, charge corresponded diamonds per minutes.
In addition, you can use SWAG diamonds to buy gifts for your beloved Swagger.

I have charged SWAG diamonds, but I didn't receive them

Purchased on website:

Please check on [Journal] ([Profile]→[Settings]→[Journal]).

If there is an order in purchase history but you do not receive SWAG diamonds, please send the order confirmation and your SWAG ID to support@swag.live , we will check the order status for you.

(After you made an order, we will send an order confirmation to your email address)

Purchased with Customer Service:

After you are done with the paying process, please provide the order confirmation screenshot, email and your SWAG ID.

If the Swagger is fraud?

Currently, we have organized an official auditing team to investigate Swagger's group posts and messages.

Since the one to one messaging with Swagger is excluded within investigation, please provide Swagger’s SWAG ID and yours with all the message history or screenshot and submit it to support@swag.live.