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Published: 2021/01/24 11:14
Today I worked overtime at the company until late, and took the MRT home with my colleague Xiaolang. In the sparsely populated carriage of the last train, a woman in cool clothes caught my attention. Not only the bumpy figure, but because she accidentally exposed the bottom of the skirt because she fell asleep, it made my lower body swell for a day... After discussing with the little wolf, we decided to change seats and look next to her. Look! Just when we were so eager that we couldn't help but... Didn't expect Mei Ren'er to wake up unexpectedly? ! Work all the way from inside the car to the terminal 🔥You still have to keep going even if the door of the car is opened‼ Finally, I got out of the car and went home after I had double bukkake with the little wolf. The plot is purely fictitious, and the actors in the play are all adults who agree to perform.
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