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[XWJ-0001] Otaku First Experience With S-Class Sex Robot And Full Of This Robot's Cumshot|Sex Robot Series|SWAG Bella @alleys Videos
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For the first time, the otaku ordered a sex toy lucky bag on a sex toy website. After the delivery man delivered the package to his home, he did not expect to open the package and it turned out to be an S-class sex robot. At this time, the otaku was so excited that he began to kiss and stroke the S-class sex robot.. Enjoy Half of the s-class sex robots suddenly ran out of power. The otaku began to study how to turn on the s-class sex robot. It couldn't be turned on from head to toe, until after inserting the s-class sex robot, the robot suddenly screamed. At this time, the otaku realized that the original The robot needs to be plugged and inserted to charge the robot.. So the otaku frantically pushes and inserts the s-class robot to fully charge.. come to experience the sex service of the s-class robot..

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