115d ago
I'm still a little sick today, my throat is sore 🥺🥺
🔥🔥 Birthday Pure Dating is now running 🔥🔥
Event period 10/1~10/14
❤️ 100 purple-black diamonds ❤️ get a stamp
💜 Draw during live broadcast on 10/14 A total of "five" fans were drawn, full of sincerity

⚠️ Guarantee plan ⚠️ 420 pieces, can be brushed directly
(Only open until 10/14, only 3 places)
10/14 Online live birthday party draw for 5 people
🚫 A total of 8 places will not be opened in the future 🚫

There will be 10 new exclusive videos for babies who did not win 💦