mspuiyi : MsPuiYi's exclusive retirement work, the second series: intimate oral sex and riding position show, the last chance to collect a perfect body! MsPuiYi, a Malaysian creator with 20 million followers on social media, made an important announcement in early December: he is about to quit the adult world. At the same time, it is also announced that her retired work will be exclusively available on SWAG, and it will be unlocked immediately and cannot be missed. 
The second work will have a closer scale, put the massage stick in the mouth, meet your eyes through the camera while licking, and demonstrate riding skills on the pillow until the climax. The second installment of the Retirement Climax Trilogy has been released with good reviews! 
Malaysia's top adult influencer MsPuiYi announced this month: She will be leaving her former adult platform and beginning a new life.
Her Last Exclusive Video Vol. 2 is available now on SWAG!
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MsPuiYi’s Last Exclusive Video Vol. 2 - Dildo Blowjob, Pillow Humping, Cumming with her

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