Asia’s Largest Adult Platform SWAG Supports Sex Workers’ Right To Create Adult Content

OnlyFans will be banning adult content in October, and millions of content creators will be affected. SWAG is looking to continue to take care of adult content creators and is working on a new site and features from the SWAG platform to successfully transition OF creators affected by this ban. SWAG is Asia’s largest high tech adult, with over 10k content creators and millions of dollars in revenue, SWAG’s pledge is to  never stop supporting sex work through its platform. Therefore, Swaggers will never have to be afraid to lose their income for any other reason other than their own decision to create content.

If you’ve been affected by this news, we have some plans to help you to go through the transition:

  • Monthly income guaranteed onboarded before the end of 2021 based on the talent’s 3 month average.
  • Referral code offer for talent and managers who refer: 5% on direct referrals 1% on downstream up to 3 degrees of separation.
  • Team that helps with promotion and management of the account.
  • OnlyFans migration tool and support
  • Revenue share 85%
SWAG CEO’s announcement on Twitter


SWAG wants Swaggers and users to have the best experience, and the best way is to let Swaggers fully focus on creating their content. We have the best marketing team to promote your content, so all you have to do is to create great content and make money on SWAG.

We always keep our words and you can feel safe and free to post your content on our platform:

  • SWAG believes in providing people with a guilt free experience, there’s content for everyone
  • SWAG will never have to adjust our policies based on financial institutions since it is crypto native
  • SWAG is a high tech platform that has enjoyed success since 2016 with over 10k content creators and millions of dollars in revenue, with our $SWAG token and ethos we want to onboard global talent that can help us make the platform better

Our top Swaggers can make up to 1000,000 USD a month. On average, making 10,000 USD like Funnyg who makes more than 10,000 USD every month and she has millions of loyal fans.

funnyg is an expert at vibrators.
funnyg makes more than 10,000USD on average.

Some world famous adult content creators  like eva_elfie, nicoledoshi, juneliu and lonelymoew have joined SWAG since before the OF news.

If the OnlyFans news has left you in the dark, here’s the light:

Transfer Your Content

Join SWAG to get your page up and running.Our team will help you to set up an account and  migrate your OnlyFans content to SWAG. The sooner you transfer your content, the sooner you can redirect your fans to your new profile.

Click here to get started!

Check Out SWAG Features

SWAG lets you sell  your content on the platform. You can post stories, send private messages, do livestreams, upload videos, make customized videos, and more.

Click here to know the features and how to use them!

Contact A Manager

Our managers are very helpful and they can help you to set up your SWAG page and start earning money as quickly as possible. You can reach us via this website if you have any questions or just want tips on how to get started!

Check Out Our Referral Program

We have referral code offer for Swaggers and managers who refer: 5% on direct referrals and 1% on downstream up to 3 degrees of separation. Don’t hesitate! Share this great opportunity now!

Do you have other questions about SWAG? Feel free to contact our team! We’re always happy to help!

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