5 Ways to Use SWAG. Live’s Chat Function

Technology has brought us closer together, but today it is still not easy to form direct connections with people unless you know them personally, here at Swag.Live we want to challenge this in the adult entertainment industry by allowing you to interact directly with our content creators. 

5 Ways to Use SWAG. Live’s Chat Function
5 Ways to Use SWAG. Live’s Chat Function

Swag.Live’s Chat Function

Swag.Live is essentially a pay-to-view social messaging application service that allows users to create, publish, and potentially earn money for their exclusive photos and videos. The keyword being ¨social messaging¨. In other words, the magic of Asia’s biggest platform is the ability for its viewers to chat with their favorite models. Content creators from around the world are available through Swag.Live: you can find high-quality talent from Malaysia, Japan, Europe, and soon from the rest of the world! 

So, let’s explore the five ways you can use Swag. Live’s chat functionality and get to know your favorite creators!

Swag.live homepage
▲ Swag.live homepage


1. Getting Started

Creating Swag.live account
▲ Creating Swag.live account

To enjoy tons of amazing content and get to chat with your favorite models, you need to set up your Swag.Live account and verify it. Doing that is easy. You need to download the Swag app or visit us through our official website, Swag.Live, the signing up process is quick and easy. Once you are on the homepage, go ahead and click on sign up/log in and select your user name and password. After that, you need to verify, and you are almost ready to chat with our beautiful swaggers.

Creating an account

Now you need to complete one more step: collecting SWAG diamonds so you can get the most of your Swag.Live experience. 

Buying SWAG Diamonds
▲ Buying SWAG Diamonds

To access premium content on SWAG, you must acquire the requisite total number of SWAG Points indicated for that item by making an in-app purchase of the equivalent dollar value. SWAG diamonds are the currency you can use at SWAG. You can use them to unlock videos, send gifts, chat and view private Livestream shows. 

We’ll get into more detail about the other things you can do with SWAG diamonds, but today our focus will be on its chat function.

2. The Pregame

Now at this stage, you should have your verified profile ready to go and your SWAG diamonds in your pocket. The next step is to click on the Chat icon on your app or website.

Chat Icon
▲ Chat Icon

Once you are there, you will be redirected to your Inbox, where you can find your chats and your unread messages. As soon as you go through your Inbox, you will notice that it is empty (not mine😉). You can fix that by clicking the plus sign button. This will take you to our Swagger Navigation bar, where you can search for a specific Swagger to chat to, or you can chat with any of our recommended swaggers. 

SWAG inbox
▲ SWAG inbox

3. Sexting 101

Once you find your favorite Swagger (you can choose from an extensive selection), you can click on their profile picture and be redirected to our Chat window. Feel free to really explore and check out the content creators you like. There is something for everyone.

Swagger Selection
▲ Swagger Selection

Once there, you can either send a pre-fabricated message or write your own. From there onwards, the possibilities and the fun lie on you. Start by getting to know your favorite swagger as you would approach any girl you like in real life, but of course, be as kinky as you want!

You can ask them about their day or jump right into asking about their favorite sexual fantasies. Feel free to take the conversation to the side you feel the most comfortable with, and first and foremost, enjoy! Each message has a value assigned to it. For example, if you message one of our top content creators, the SWAG diamond price will differ from one of our newer content creators.

Also, did we mention that the chats get hot really fast? Plus, if the content creator has an event, you can join it on the spot. When using SWAG, always be ready to take it a step further. Make sure to follow your favorite content creators so you can have them appear on your feed!

Our Chat functionality allows users to request personalized content with the safety of knowing that you get what you pay for. The SWAG team is highly dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. That’s why we have a dedicated team supervising that every profile is legit and gives you what you desire.

4. From 1st Base to Home Run

As we mentioned before, SWAG diamonds can be used to unlock videos, send gifts, chat and view private Livestream shows. Chat is at the core of SWAG’s offerings, driving most of the platform’s traffic and cross-selling to other features.

This is why SWAG dominates the market. We make it easy for our users to chat with fantastic content creators from the comfort of their screens, and we make it fun and safe for everyone involved, but that’s not it. We leverage technological innovation and enable our users to provide gifts to our models and even go out on dates. This takes the interaction from your screen to your nearest cafe or maybe even to a comfier place!

5. Join the Fun!

So what’s the last step? That’s easy. It’s time you forget all those websites that treat content creators poorly and come to SWAG, where you will get to enjoy high-quality content from around the world and even build online relationships with your favorite content creators. Swag provides a menage-a-trois of sexiness, real-time chat, and comfort you won’t be able to experience anywhere else. Trust us on that. 

So, what are you waiting for? Now you know what Swag.Live is all about. It’s time to shoot your shot! Join Swag.Live and begin to explore your luck!

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