The Sexy Red Envelope Livestream Featuring June Liu!

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

This past Valentine’s Day,

June Liu touched herself for you!

The Sexy Red Envelope Livestream Featuring June Liu
The Sexy Red Envelope Livestream Featuring June Liu

By now you should know that SWAG loves you. Our team, our models, our platform is made for your enjoyment and pleasure as the number 1 goal. With that in mind, we did something extra special (and extra kinky of course!) this past Lunar New Year/Valentine’s Day.

Meet Spicy Gum

June Liu aka Spicy Gum is one of the most acclaimed talents of the porn industry. She’s even the recipient of Pornhub’s Modelhub, model of the year award! To say June is hot is an understatement! An angel in the street and a freak on the sheets, her hand, and mouth techniques are like nothing you’ve ever seen (or experienced). Just take a look at her SWAG profile and you will know EXACTLY what we are talking about.

That’s Why We Brought it to You!

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We had an amazing online get-together: Our Swag fans reached out to June Liu’s (SWAG ID: juneliu) and let her know what they wanted to see in her livestream… and yes, all types of requests were welcomed! June went ahead and selected the best requests and placed them inside a red envelope and every time someone sent a gift during her live stream she performed the request!

This meant June was able to dance, play, and many more… it was all up to the creativity of our members! As the situation grew hotter June Liu opened more and more Red Envelopes and even had a girlfriend help her.

Real friends show other friends how to do missionary.
▲ Real friends show other friends how to do missionary.

Our favorite moment was when June read her favorite book passages while using her vibrator at full speed. Trust me, you’ve never heard a language until you’ve heard its moans. All of this happening while her friend was casually changing clothes and showing us her most sensual places.

Make reading fun again!
▲ Make reading fun again!

It was amazing but don’t despair, we will bring you many more special evenings with your favorite models!

Important Note: If you want to enjoy this amazing and exclusive live stream you need to sign up to Swag.Live

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