4 Ways to Make the Best of Your Swag.Live Experience

By now, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard about Asia’s biggest porn site. But calling Swag.live a porn site is like calling Camembert cheese, well just cheese. It’s a self-inflicted wound based on your lack of information, but we will change that in just a bit. Founded by Sam Liu in 2016 out of Taiwan, swag.live has over 10,000 models and adult content creators across Asia, creating various content types including Long-form video, short-form video, live video, and… even dating?! (whattt).

Nowadays Swag.live is a ubiquitous landmark of the adult entertainment industry, featuring models from Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Euromericans, and the rest of the world. There is literally someone from everyone (especially for petite Asian lovers) and Swag.live is the place to find it! Paris might be the city of young love, but Swag.live has no border restrictions for finding the kink of your life! 

Now that we clarified what Swag.live is, let us go ahead and share with you some insider tips on how to make your experience on Asia’s best free porn site even better with our ´4 Ways To Make The Best of Your Swag.Live Experience¨.

Getting the Right Tongue

Spoiler Alert: By tongue, we refer to your ´Mother Tongue¨

Enjoying Swag.live in your native language is the best way to really get into it and it’s really easy to do. If you are versed in Chinese you can visit us straight at Swag.Live but if not you can go ahead and visit us using the following urls: us.swag.live, ca.swag.live, eu.swag.live, and/or uk.swag.live — all of these default to English. 

If you speak any other language you will need to first create an account and then go to settings to choose your particular language.  Doing that is easy. You need to download the Swag app or visit us through our official website, Swag.Live, the signing up process is quick and easy. Once you are on the homepage, go ahead and click on sign up/log in and select your user name and password. After that, you need to verify, and you are almost ready to go!

Creating an account
▲ Creating an account

Now that you’re in (pun intended), you can go ahead and go and personalize your profile by clicking on the ¨Me¨ icon, you will find this icon on the far lower right of your screen:

Yes, that’s you
▲ Yes, that’s your Swag.live account

Hot Tip: Remember you can always reach out to customer service if you have any question, just click on the small blue ball icon on the lower right corner of your screen.

Once you’re in your profile, click on the ¨Gear´ icon (upper right corner of the screen) and you will be taken to the settings menu. Here is where you can do a variety of changes and be on top of your swag.live experience. 

You will be able to change your settings on the following departments:

Wallet – You will find here your Journal (all your activities on Swag.live), Payment Methods, E-receipts, Buy SWAG diamonds, or redeemed a coupon.

Username – Includes Account Links (in here you can connect your Swag.Live profile to your social media accounts), Set Password (for updating your password), Blocklist (for any users that are a bit too intense).

About – Language, Region, FAQ, SWAG Blog, Contact Support, Work With Us, Download SCHAT For Free,  

Swag.live account setting
▲ Swag.live account setting

That’s right, in the About section you can click on Language and will be able to select your preferred language setting:

Swag.live language selection
▲ Swag.live language selection

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

To purchase diamonds, you can either click on the diamond logo on the top right of the screen or go to the settings part and navigate to the buy diamonds section. There are four fiat currencies accepted — US Dollars (USD), Pound Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR), and New Taiwan Dollar (NT).

Now, how does the math work? Well, it works in your favor!

Roughly, NT$149 (Taiwan Dollar) is around $5.30 (US Dollar)… and for that amount, you get 2,099 SWAG diamonds which is a bit more than the average price of a 20/30 minute hot and steamy swagalicious porn video. With that amount of SWAG diamonds, you could purchase 8 stories from your favorite Swagger (more about this later on) or spend like a king chatting & live streaming!

But that’s not all! To get more pull from your buck we gradually give you more SWAG diamonds for bigger purchases. So if you buy NT$ 1499 ( around $53.50 US Dollars) you will get 24,999 SWAG diamonds, which is an extra 4000 SWAG diamonds for your enjoyment! That roughly translates to over 5 hours of the best adult porn content the world has to offer!

Cash Me Outside!

By now you should see why Swag.Live is dominating the online adult entertainment industry. Swag.Live provides security for both users and content creators (not like other major porn players cough cough) while making it all interactive. How do we do that? We have a unique approach to user experience by taking elements that are original to porn (such as live streaming) and adding commands and actions. Once you are in a livestream, you can go ahead and give Gifts to your chosen streamer. What our models do is literally at your fingertips. Do you want a striptease? Or are you in the mood to hear her moan your name? Or even better, do you want to see them play with their toys? All of this is possible through Swag.Live.

Our Gifts are divided into:

Sweet Commands: This is the online equivalent of first base. You can get to know your favorite streamer by starting here and discovering what she has to offer. Please don’t be shy and let them show you what they got. 

Lascivious Commands: These types of commands make Swag.Live the king of Asian live cams. Imagine squirts, orgasms, masturbation, or anything that you can fathom is available for you. You are the chief, captain, and sole General of your experience, and it’s up to you in the direction you go.

Sex Toys: Having a beautiful Asian porn star do anything you like is fantastic. There is not much that can top that, except seeing her play with her toys. That’s exactly what you can do on Swag.Live, and when we say toys, we mean those that come in different shapes, colors, and sizes and vibrate their way into our models.

Love Baby: You know you’ve made it in life once you can be an online sugar daddy and Swag.Live allows you to do just that. Get your favorite streamer a Yacht, a Diamond ring, or a Birkin bag. Of course, it would its an online equivalent, but we assure you it will score you handy brownie points with your favorite model!

Awesome right? But that’s not it!

You can take it to the next level by actually going out on a date with your favorite Swagger. Imagine meeting for a coffee with your online crush?! Exhilarating right? All you have to do is interact with your favorite Swagger and make sure to maintain an environment of respect and safety (while keeping it kinky).

Slide Into the DM’s

With Swag.Live you have the opportunity to connect with your favorite pornstars, chat with them, have them do stuff online for you, and even going out on dates but we also have a more casual option for those of you who want to explore what a Swagger has to offer before committing to a livestream or a full video and that’s one of our coolest Swag features: our Stories.

Stories allow users to take a sneak peek into the life of our Swaggers and check out what hot girls do on a Saturday before or after a party. You can expect sweet cuddles or just a hot after-party with her besties… it’s all up to you to discover. 

To explore this option just click on your Favorite Swagger and select the Story Icon, that will take you to their latest uploaded stories and unlike your run of the mill social media story, these stories can be up for as long as 33 hours!

Swag.live hot stories
▲ Swag.live hot stories

Amazing right? And you know what is the best part?

This is only the beginning, we have cooler (actually hotter) things on their way. Don’t miss out on any of our new updates, sign up now at https://us.swag.live/.

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